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Water, iron, cork
Palafrugell, 2018

Direction: Xavi Bové and Onionlab
Music: Undo

Onionlab Crew:
Artistic Director: Jordi Pont
2D and 3D Artists: Gerard Rubio, Jorge García, Santiago Morrison and Aldo González
Technical production: Marcel Bagó
Production: Tamara Sefcovicova and Melissa Anzola

Leds: Jordi Abarca
Illuminator: Albert Mosoll
Light Beams and Sound: SONA

Text: Oriol Puig
Voice: Josep Aguilar

Production: Patricia Vázquez

Organized by: IPEP
Acknowledgments: Museu del Suro, Gerard Ventura, Francesc Niell

Light installation in a water tower with LED’s, video mapping, light beams and synchronized music.

The iron tower that was used to store water for the cork factory.

Three elements, water, iron and cork get connected with the forms of music, light and image. Opening event of the festival ‘Flors i Violes’ in Palafrugell, Girona.