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Visual Soundtrack
Barcelona, 2016

Artist: Xavi Bové
Visual code: Nacho Cossío
Sound and interactivity code: Edu Frigola

Piano: Santi Escura
Violin: Frédéric Descargues
Dancer: Neus Masó

Press: Tere Vallbona

Civic Centre Fort Pienc
Technical management: Lúdic3

Interactive mapping show that combines cinema, music and dance.

The project shows the process of creating
a painting through the analysis of music and
body movement in real time, emulating paint strokes. Each participant will choose a movie soundtrack (pre-recorded) and through sound analysis and body movement, there will be a large-format representation on the facade of the building. Once finished, participants can take their printed representation.

It combines mapping techniques and creative coding, and aims to create a link between a soundtrack and its visual representation.