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Visual songs
Girona, 2016 / Barcelona, 2017 / NanoArts Festival (Lleida, Girona, Tarragona) 2018 / Illuminate Festival Plymouth, 2018 / International Film Festival Begur, 2019

Video by Joanot Cortès - FANG
Music by: UNDO - Whispers

Artistic director: Xavi Bové
Creative Programming: Eloi Maduell Eduard Frigola, Miquel A. Soler

Project created with the support of the City of Girona and KREAS
With the collaboration of Playmodes, Epson and Bloom.
Images printed with EPSON consumables and equipment.
Thanks to the team La Volta and Santi Vilanova.

Interactive installation that represents a song by digital painting.

‘‘Visual Songs’’ is an interactive installation that links music and image, the synaesthesic effect, personalised for each visitor and performed live. An experience where visitors feel like a conductor of virtual brushes.

The visitor chooses a song and makes his pictorial representation by choosing paintbrushes and a colours palette. Interactivity goes through the sound analysis in real time and the movement of the human body while the music is playing.

After the interpretation, they can take a printed version.