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Tree of memory
Barcelona, 2018 / Plymouth, 2019

Director: Xavi Bové
Curator: Daniela Aronica

Artistic Direction: Xavi Bové and Jordi Pont (Onionlab)
Composer: Zinkman

Texts: Xavi Bové, Oriol Puig i Daniela Aronica
Italian voice: Pino Micol
Catalan voice: Oriol Puig

3D Artists: Gerard Rubio and Adam Alzina
Illustrator: Carmen Álvarez
Lighting Programmers: Santiago Morrison and Jordi Pont
Technical Producer: Marcel Bago

Technical Suppliers: LightLumina, Block, Events, Mecatubs, EGM

Executive Producer: Patrícia Vàzquez

Organised by Comissionat de Programes de Memòria (Ajuntament de Barcelona)

With collaboration of Centro di Studi sul Cinema Italiano (CSCI) - “Imatges per a la Memòria. Iconografia feixista i Guerra Civil Espanyola (2016-2019)”

Video: Fresca Films

Artistic installation of video mapping, light and sound. About bombing, not forgetting and a call for freedom and peace.

A gigantic tree is sketched on the City Hall’s façade based on small, short and interrupted strokes recalling the intermittent bombing Mussolini had ordered and which terrorised the city’s population 80 years ago.

Every stroke is synaesthesiastically related, in the same perceptive act, to a subtle, individual voice, yet together they end up creating a global choir, a call for peace and freedom.