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Girona, 2017 / Bilbao, 2018 / New York, 2018 / Graz, 2019

Creative Direction: Xavi Bové Studio and Onionlab
Music composed by: Zinkman

Orchestra: GIOrquestra
Conductor: Marcel Sabaté
First Violins Frédéric Descargues, Carles Puig
Second Violins: Marta Cardona, Cèlia Johé
Violas: Joan Fèlix, Laia Martí
Cellos: François Ragot, Domènech Surroca
Keyboard: Mònica Sánchez
Organ: Pau Riuró
Production: Montse Soques
Management: Jaume Sabaté

Sound: Estudis 44.1
Technical Suppliers: Lightlumina and BTM
Acknowledgments: Gustavo Torres Mendoza

A project comissioned by Ajuntament de Girona
With the collaboration of Catedral de Girona, Bisbat de Girona, Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya and Diputació de Girona.

Duration: 22 minutes

Show for all audiences.
It can be adapted to other locations, including outdoor.

“Transfiguration” is an immersive show that transforms the space of the designed location thanks to the mesmerizing interaction between lights and life music.

The project not only drives the audience through a hypnotic trip but also focus their attention into different details of the architecture.

An immersive spectacle that tries to bring us closer to the architecture, uniting music, light and emptions.