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Rosa, Rosae. Aesthetic declinations
Barcelona (ES), 2024

Artist: Xavi Bové Studio

Direction: Xavi Bové

Code artist: Xavi Maixenchs

Design & database: Abril Martí

Music: Juan de la Rubia

Video: Alvaro X

Photo: Abril Martí

© Fundació Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família

«Rosa, Rosae. Aesthetic declinations»
Audiovisual research exploring the intersection between the element of the rose and Gaudí's forms, presented at Sagrada Familia temple (Barcelona).

It is an interpretation of possible iterations of rose flower motifs using the styles, materials, and forms that define Antoni Gaudí's work. A journey from micro to macro, from the detail of a petal to a field of rosebushes, through the imagery of the Gaudinian style.

For this creation, we started with a base of hundreds of manually crafted images. On one hand, we searched for various images related to the rose: from a petal seen under a microscope to a field full of roses; on the other hand, images of Gaudí's architecture: from different techniques, such as trencadís, to a wide variety of shapes and materials, like ceramics, stone or iron.

Once the image database was selected, we generated new images through a generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) interface, training our models. This allowed us to control the parameters that shape the creation of the new images. Through trial and error, corrections applied to optimize our tool.

Finally, a video piece was created using a second AI interface to create interpolations between the selection of the generated images, searching a smooth transition style from one to the other, creating this contemplative journey.
The visual artwork is accompanied by the sound of the Temple's organ, featuring the synchronous playback of a performance created for this occasion by the artist Juan de la Rubia.

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