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Phasing Rain
New York, 2019 / Roma, 2019 / Palma de Mallorca, 2020 / Bloemendaal (Netherlands), 2023

Direction: Xavi Bové and Onionlab
Music: Zinkman

Multichannel light and sound immersive installation about global warming.

The inspiration comes from the minimalist composer Steven Reich. He used two magnetic tapes to repeat identical loops of Brother Walter’s speech in stereo, exploring the spatial experiences on the binaural hearing and the phase shifting. The aim of Onionlab and Xavi Bove with this project is to raise awareness about global warming as a threat for humanity, with a complex implementation.

Phasing Rain consists of placing 26 LED columns and speakers surrounding the area where the audience can walk through. Each column + speaker will be linked visually and acoustically with an individual drop note. These 26 single water drops evolve with phase shifting, exploring a wide spatial experience that suggests perceptual instability as a metaphor of the upcoming uncertain future.