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Moviments granados
Barcelona, 2016

Project: Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera

Artistic director: Xavi Bové
Technical manager: Eloi Maduell

Musical director: Raúl Patiño
Violin: Joel Bardolet
Cello: Oriol Prat
Piano: Carles Marig

Application architecture: Miquel A. Soler
Visuals: Nacho Cossío
Movement: Eduard Frigola
Audio analysis: Eduard Frigola, Miquel A. Soler

Sound design: Santi Vilanova
Graphics: Gerard Vallverdú
2D models: Marta Barnolas
Press Xavi Bové: Teresa Vallbona

Technical team: BLOCK

ESMUC, ICUB, Playmodes
Kike Ramírez, Jordi Feixa, Rosa Ma Plans, Marga Viza, Oriol Boet, Sarah Agustí

An interactive show of live music and real time visuals over Gaudi’s La Pedrera façade.

An innovative spectacle, specially designed for La Pedrera in which pieces by Enric Granados are visually represented by analysing the sound of the instruments played live and the movements of the conductor. A show on the façade of La Pedrera harmoniously linking light, music and architecture. It is also tribute to the great Catalan composer Enric Granados in the context of the celebrations for the centenary of his death. The spectacle is a participatory interactive experience too, as, after each show, the audience can take the conductor’s place and make La Pedrera “move” with the interaction of the movements of their bodies and the light projected on the façade.