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LoCowork, Lleida 2022

Artist: Xavi Bové
Creative Coding: Xavi Maixenchs
Production: Patrícia Vàzquez

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Climatology has a direct impact on people's mood. LLOUM is a visual mantra in the form of a luminous sculpture that appeals to neurons linked to creativity and sensuality, offering a stimulating complement to the experience of the environment captured by our senses.

The piece is based on the influence of fog during the artist's childhood in Lleida, creating an emotionally gray and routine memory. The work aims to merge with and complement the environment, creating a contextual symbiosis based on climatological data captured in real time (wind, temperature, cloudiness and visibility), the circadian rhythm and the day of the week.

It is a living work that invites meditation, relaxation and play, source of some of the most profound experiences in human beings, and which will become a counterpoint to the hours of concentration in a work environment.

Real-time data thanks to the support of METEOMATICS.