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Inside Boreal
Salteriet Galleri Nusfjord - Norway, 2023

Artist: Xavi Bové Studio
Direction: Xavi Bové
3D and code artist: Xavi Maixenchs
Sound design: Ramon Casamajó i Xavi Bové
Production: Patricia Vázquez
Curated by: Gerald M Bliem
Client: Salteriet Nusfjord Art Gallery, Lofoten (Norway) @nusfjordarcticresort

Photo / Video shooting: Charles Post @charles_post
Video edit: Abril Martí

The mesmerizing Aurora Borealis unfolds before your eyes and ears, closer and more expansive. This light and sound installation offers a particular representation of the Solar Activity and the International Magnetic Fields, the driving forces behind this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.

Utilizing real-time data sourced from the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), this artwork presents a live generative stream of sound and visuals, immersing you in the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights. It provides a unique perspective, remindinsg us of Earth's protective embrace, safeguarding us in the vast expanse of the cosmos.

The real-time data is called every two minutes and feeds into five features that make up the constantly changing piece. Some of the behaviours are as follows: solar density, which defines the amount of particles and sound complexity; solar wind speed, which shapes particle and sound velocity; the KP index, which changes the colorometry, duration of visual traces and sound tonality; IMF intensity, which gives information of forms and shapes; and OMF orientation, that modifies directions and volume of different effects.

Data source and more info: