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Echoes of Oblivion
Palafrugell (ES), 2024

Artist: Xavi Bové Studio
Direction: Xavi Bové
Code artist: Xavi Maixenchs
Sound design: b1no
Coreography: CobosMika Company
Production: Abril Martí
Technical design: SONA

Comissioned by: IPEP (Institut de Promoció Econòmica de Palafrugell)
Client: Flors i Violes Festival 2024

Video: letsfilm
Photo: Abril Martí

In a world marked by the constant repetition of armed conflicts and the perpetual struggle for power, this artistic experience seeks to reflect on that reality that endures throughout human history.

"Echoes of Oblivion" is a call to consciousness, a sensory proposal that combines light, sound and choreography to take the viewer on a profound emotional journey. Through this fusion of artistic elements, the invitation is extended to not forget, but to reflect on the consequences of armed confrontations, as well as the urgent need to seek alternative paths towards peace and reconciliation.

Despite the evidence of history, the echoes of war continue to resonate in our society. That is why we make a call for hope, and the possibility of breaking the cycle of violence and building a future where peace is an achievable reality. This is a transformative journey, where experience becomes a means to explore the complexity of the human condition and seek a better world for future generations.