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Lunar Oscillations
Olot, 2020 / Barcelona, 2021 / Lleida, 2022 / Sant Feliu de Guíxols, 2023 / Bilbao, 2023 / Madrid, 2023 / Brixen (Italy), 2024

Artist: Xavi Bové
Production: Patrícia Vàzquez
Software Developer: Xavi Maixenchs
Sound Designer: Zinkman

Indoor premier at LlumBCN Festival in Barcelona.
Outdoor premier at Lluernia Festival in Olot.

Luminic contemplative intervention around the perception of a variable environment, a universe of stars and dynamic moons.

This ‘site-specific’ light and sound installation is inspired by the influence the moon exerts on the seas and oceans, as well as on living beings. It explores the sensations that an individual can experience by transforming the space with a moving set of lights and shadows.

This piece can be installed in an outdoors landscape such a park or a forest, or in an indoors location.